Topics Escorts Like Discussing with Clients

Escorts are not just all about sex. They too want to know their clients. For this reason, there are some tactics that these professionals employ to get to understand the client’s personality, taste as well as preference. One strategy they use is talking with you. Having a chit chat eliminates the awkwardness of your first meeting and makes one feel comfortable.

Often, Charlotte escorts talk about universal topics which can apply to almost everyone they meet. But there are instances that they might get deeper. While some may ask questions about your personal life, it’s often best that you keep the conversation regular, unless you don’t mind answering.
But most of the times, your conversations will depend on what you ask. For example, if the client asks an escort about her family, career or life, she too may also feel inclined to ask him the same. For example, if you ask about whether she’s married, she may also want you to discuss your marital status and life as well.
If however, one feels uncomfortable talking about personal topics, it’s wise that he keeps the conversation regular. That said here are some exciting topics that one can discuss with a Charlotte escort.


Sports is an excellent topic for many people. Even if someone doesn’t have a team they support, they at least know a thing or two about the sports that are being played. You’ll be surprised to learn something new about this topic from your escort. Start by asking which sports she’s interested in. If your escort is passionate about sports, she’ll take this conversation forward.

Likes and Dislikes about Sex

One’s sex likes and dislikes is a subject that can go on for hours. Fortunately, escorts aren’t shy to talk about this subject. Talking about what you like and acts you both don’t like, sexual fantasies and such topics, is an excellent way of getting to know each other on a personal level.

Latest News and Events

This is yet another great topic one can discuss with his escort. There are many occurrences where you live, which you can discuss with these professionals. Activities like new businesses, a recent crime, or a natural disaster. One can even talk about things happening worldwide.


There is so much to talk about on this topic. From foods, vacations, banks, hobbies, colors, etc. As you go back and forth talking of your preferences, you’ll warm up and get comfortable with one another.

There are other many topics that you can talk about. Basically, anything that’s not personal can make a great subject. However, clients are often advised to talk less and listen more.

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